Procedures and Compliance

Port of Tauranga Limited is an international gateway into New Zealand and has a statutory obligation to comply with legislation.

The Port Limited has a statutory obligation to comply with the Port’s New Zealand Customs (NZC) Procedure Statement, the Customs & Excise Act 1996, the Maritime Security Act 2004 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015. The entire area within the Port of Tauranga security fence line is a Customs Controlled Area (CCA) and the Port is required to monitor and control all persons entering the CCA.

The Port considers that an unaccompanied visitor is anyone seeking access to the CCA who does not have a port access card or is not in the company of personnel who possess a valid port access card.

All visitors must present suitable photo ID to security personnel prior to access being granted.

A “Visitor Register” is in place for the Tauranga Container Terminal (only) to facilitate access to the terminal for any unaccompanied and unannounced visitors.  The register will be required to be completed by the company/operation that is being visited.  Port users will be required to contact Port of Tauranga Reception to acquire a permanent secure log-in and password to access the register.  Please email during office hours: or phone 07 572 8899.

For ease of use and access, the register is web based. Go to the PoTL Visitor Register to access the login details.

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