Port of Tauranga Welcomes Next Stage of Port Discussions

Port of Tauranga is looking forward to participating in discussions on the future of the Upper North Island Supply supply chain.

Chief Executive, Mark Cairns, said today that he hoped Port of Tauranga’s expertise in operating New Zealand’s largest and most efficient port would be helpful to the decision-making process.

“A two port solution is workable, subject to land-side infrastructure investment, and would address concerns about economic land use in Auckland,” said Mr Cairns. “We completely agree with the Government’s view that a final decision needs to be made with the benefit of robust facts and figures.”

“International experts have told us that Port of Tauranga can easily accommodate up to 2.8 million TEUs1 on our current footprint. We already have the next stage of capacity expansion under way.”

“There is also the opportunity to factor in the current and future freight handling capacity of the inland freight hubs in the Waikato, including the Ruakura Inland Port in Hamilton,” said Mr Cairns.

“We still have plenty of capacity on the rail connection between Tauranga and Auckland, with the ability to double the current number of trains per day. Already, about half of all our cargo is transported by rail and about 95% of our Auckland-related containers are transported by rail to and from MetroPort, our inland port in South Auckland.”

For further details, contact:
Mark Cairns, Chief Executive
Port of Tauranga Limited
Ph: 07 572 8829

1 TEUs = twenty foot equivalent units, a standard measure of shipping containers