Port of Tauranga is concerned for the safety and well-being of everyone who enters the port.

Port of Tauranga Inductions

The Port is not a public area and only those whose workplace it is, or who have been authorised to visit, may do so. It is essential that anyone who enters the port gates has completed  the Port of Tauranga’s Health and Safety Induction.

If you require entry to certain operational areas, such as the Tauranga Container Terminal Truck Exchange or the Tauranga Container Terminal Wharf Apron, you will be required to complete a specific induction for these areas.

Any concerns?

If you see anything at all that you think we need to be aware of or you have concerns about regarding your health and safety while on the port, please help us by emailing to the address below: health&safety@port-tauranga.co.nz

If you have any questions about inductions, access cards, or the induction process please email us at: inductionenquiry@port-tauranga.co.nz

Port of Tauranga Health and Safety Induction

Biosecurity and Customs Responsibilities

The Port of Tauranga community is committed to biosecurity, protecting our local economy, environment and human health from unwanted pests and diseases.

Before you complete our on-line induction please read through our Biosecurity page.

Please click here to carry out the Port’s Health and Safety Port Induction (for port employees, contractors, agents, Government agencies and other regular visitors).

Once you have passed the induction, your existing access card will be updated to reflect this. If you do not have an access card you will need to complete the on-line induction before applying for an access card.

Induction document – printable copy – to use as reference. To complete induction use link above.

Port Induction Document

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