Port Inductions

If you have any questions about inductions, access cards, or the induction process please email us at inductionenquiry@port-tauranga.co.nz

Port Site Induction

The Port Site Induction is the main induction and everyone entering the Tauranga Container Terminal (TCT) at Sulphur Point AND the Mount Maunganui port sites must complete this induction before entering the Port.

Completing the Port Site Induction is only part of the Port’s entry process.  It does not automatically entitle anyone access to the Port.  Entry to the Port is subject to the security entry rules on the procedures and compliance page http://www.port-tauranga.co.nz/health-safety/procedures-compliance/

Operational Area Inductions

If you require entry to specific operational areas that are restricted access areas at Sulphur Point or Mount Maunganui, you must complete an additional induction.  Sites that require additional inductions are:

Sulphur Point (TCT)

  • Wharf Apron (Berth 23, 24, 25):  Induction required for vehicle access to the wharf.
  • R&D Truck Exchange:
  • Northern Truck Exchange:  Authorised access only.

Contact TCT R&D Office 07 572 8763 or TCT Ops on 07 572 8764 for information about these restricted access inductions.

Mount Maunganui

  • Blue Road Zones:  Authorised access only.  Contact Port of Tauranga Reception on 07 572 8899.
  • Red Zones:  Restricted access.  Contact the office of the company you are working for, C3: 07 572 8909 or ISO: 07 577 7600.  Absolutely no entry without prior authorisation!
  • Debarker:  Contact ISO 07 577 7600

Port Access Cards

It is a privilege to hold a valid port access card and it must never be loaned or given to anyone else to use.  It is the responsibility of each access card holder to ensure their card is not used for deception or unauthorised access to the Port. If you have lost or misplaced your access card you must report it to Port Security or Port of Tauranga Reception immediately.

Staff Leaving Employment on Port

It is the responsibility of the company employing the Port access card holder to advise POTL Reception of their staff member’s cessation of employment within 12 hours of departure.

Reactivate Existing Card

To have your existing port access card reactivated:

  • No further action is needed.
  • Once you have successfully completed the induction your Port access card will automatically be reactivated.

Apply for a Port Access Card

  • You must be a regular user of the Port.
  • You must complete an application form which can be downloaded here
  • The application form must be signed by the person / company employing the card holder.
  • Completing the application form does not guarantee you will be eligible for a card.

 Access Card Cost

Visitors to the Port

Please print a copy of your induction certificate (or download on a smartphone), and present it to the Port Security gatehouse staff along with approved photo identification (ID).

IMPORTANT NOTE!  The induction certificate does not permit access to the Port.  It can be presented to port security to demonstrate the induction has been successfully completed.  Entry will only be permitted in accordance with the rules outlined in the Port Site Induction.

If you have any questions about the induction or access to the Port please contact Port of Tauranga Reception Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

Mount Maunganui Wharf Reception

Email:  POT.Reception@port-tauranga.co.nz

Phone: 07 572 8899

TCT (Sulphur Point) Reception

Email:  TCTReception@port-tauranga.co.nz

Phone:  07 572 8761


Please click here to carry out the Port Site Induction.


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