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Our Health & Safety Promise

At Port of Tauranga, we insist that safety is our number one priority. Above all else, we value human life and expect that our port colleagues will go home to loved ones at the end of their shift – in the same condition they entered the port gate.

As the Chief Executive of Port of Tauranga, I take personal responsibility for making health and safety a vital part of our business. I personally regard a poor safety record as an indicator of a badly managed operation. Safety is not negotiable, it is a condition of your right to work at our place.

We are committed to a Zero Harm workplace and are constantly striving to improve our health and safety performance, with the goal of achieving an incident free workplace. We operate in an extremely hazardous environment, where a moment’s complacency can be fatal. We expect everyone to take personal accountability for safety. I am committed to creating a workplace where everyone views health and safety to be as natural and important as profit and customer service.

Leonard Sampson

Our Health & Safety Policy



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