Our Environment

The Port of Tauranga is located in a majestic natural setting. Tauranga’s harbour and local beaches are highly valued natural habitats for recreational use and have strong cultural signficance. The Port acknowledges these values and seeks to conserve the unique setting and estuarine habitat of our harbour.

We have long recognised that as a business we operate in a delicate environment that is adjacent to residential areas and within the wider boundaries of the city of Tauranga.

Because of this we have always had plans, programmes and procedures to ensure the impact of the business on the environment is minimised and that we have in place as many safeguards as are practical within the confines of operating a successful business.

We are continually working to improve our environmental performance. This is reflected in our Business Plan, a plan that considers our impact on customers and shareholders, our community and environment.

Environmental Policy

The Port’s operations are guided by our Environmental Policy and – under the Resource Management Act 1991 – are governed by resource consents protecting the harbour and neighbouring environment.

These cover the Port’s activities such as dredging, spoil disposal, discharges and wharf construction. All consents have monitoring conditions to ensure the quality of our community’s environment is maintained.

Environmental Policy