Guiding Policy

Our Purpose

Connecting New Zealand and the World.

Our Vision

Our purpose goes beyond profit and is the key to Port of Tauranga’s ongoing success.  Our aspirations for 2030 are:

Drive National Prosperity

New Zealanders will value the port as an asset that drives our nation’s prosperity by providing the most efficient access to global trade.

Improve Community Wellbeing

We will improve our community’s wellbeing by providing jobs and economic growth, as well as forming effective partnerships to pursue a shared vision of success.

Protect our Natural Environment

We will protect and enhance our natural environment. We will invest in technology and embed sustainable practices throughout our business.

Respect Mana Whenua

We will recognise and respect the mana whenua of the rohe and acknowledge the kaitiakitanga of iwi and hapu.

Nurture Our People

We will be an attractive and accessible workplace where talent is nurtured. Our people will be proud to work here and know their contribution is valued. We will foster a culture of empowerment, where health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Provide Superior Customer Service

We will be driven by our customers’ needs and create innovative supply chain solutions. We will deliver on our promises, provide superior service and grow together.

Deliver Long Term Value

We will deliver long-term value for investors through leading environmental and ethical performance, business resilience and sound financial management.

Our Values

⋅   Taking pride and doing the right thing

⋅   Listening and working together

⋅   Creating better ways

⋅   Having a “safety always” mindset

2021 Annual Report Our Purpose and Vision