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Welcome to ShuttleSelect  –  your cargo when YOU want it!

ShuttleSelect is a unique, interactive web-based feature that allows the Port’s customers to effectively manage their cargo from Tauranga Container Terminal to MetroPort, located in Auckland’s industrial hub.

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Port of Tauranga has moved to ShuttleSelect Version 4 (SSV4)

SSV4 allows customers to prioritise their cargo with greater efficiency and a higher degree of integrity.

Toplifter and Rail Containers

A draft plan of the train allocation is published on the Port ‘s website 48-72 hours before a vessel arrives, and customers then have the opportunity to view the proposed delivery time and date for arrival at MetroPort Auckland.  SSV4 allows customers to modify delivery time to a cut off point of six hours prior to vessel arrival.

They can also choose the option of interactive tracking capabilities to be alerted of any changes.

Advantages of using ShuttleSelect

  • It allows you to select a time for your container deliveries from Tauranga to Auckland.
  • By knowing your container delivery times in advance, ShuttleSelect allows you to better plan your own devanning and distribution processes.
  • You can prioritise urgent deliveries and stagger the rest as required, taking advantage of longer free delivery time. Please be aware that delayed containers may actually arrive earlier than requested if we run out of import cargo before that date, we will email you if that occurs.
  • You may make changes as needed within the “change window” of 6-72 hours prior to vessel arrival.
  • By managing your own containers online, you can eliminate extra steps in the process and therefore save time and money.

ShuttleSelect (ssv4) Enhancements

  • A vessel management schedule allows users to see what vessels are open or closed for container management and what vessels are up-coming with an auto alert function.
  • Rail delivery window capacity is now “capped” meaning a container can only be booked to a window if the space is actually available. The window will not be an option to select if it is already full.
  • The Tauranga Container Terminal can now pre-allocate rail space to a vessel, giving each vessel pro-rata access to available rail space instead of the previous first come, first served scenario. It also means we have greater control over the length of import delivery and that unmanaged containers are delivered in acceptable time frames.
  • Containers booked to priority delivery windows will attract a reduced free time of 36 hours to reflect their urgent nature. This means only genuine priority cargo will be booked to these slots. Alerts will be built into SSV4 to warn users when they select a priority delivery window.
  • Pre-assembled train stacks will not be disrupted looking for “new” priority cargo after discharge. While there is provision to do so in an emergency it will attract a rehandling fee to cover the cost of the operation.Importers now have a say in cargo delivery times, but we ask that you be realistic in your requests. Please only prioritise the containers that you actually require on a specific day.


With ShuttleSelect you choose the arrival time into MetroPort.  As with all cargo destined for MetroPort, we do not start counting the “free” days until it actually arrives. Once arrived you will have five free days (including day of deposit) to uplift your cargo before demurrage commences.

For demurrage and other charges please see our Principal Tariffs

Priority Cargo

If you choose to have your cargo delivered in a priority window, it is deemed to be urgent and will attract a reduced free time of 36 hours after arrival at MetroPort.

The reason for this is to discourage misuse of premium priority space and ensure that only genuine urgent cargo is allocated to these windows. Long term statistics show that only 20% of priority cargo is actually uplifted from MetroPort inside the first 24 hours, some in fact go onto demurrage.

Alerts in ShuttleSelect will warn users they are selecting a priority window and also send a reminder when the container arrives at MetroPort.

To register for ShuttleSelect

Fill in the User Registration Form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss.

For enquiries about ShuttleSelect

Phone: +64 7 572 8731