Our response to COVID-19 and what we are doing to keep the supply chain moving

The Port of Tauranga provides an essential service.  Whatever happens over the next few months, we have a duty to ensure that imports and exports can keep moving.  For this reason we have implemented extensive measures to protect ourselves, trade and the community.

 As a valued partner of Port of Tauranga we want to advise you of the extra practices / protocols we have adopted:

  • Basic hygiene – covering sneezes, washing hands frequently and thoroughly, hand sanitisers to be used, safe social distancing.
  • Instructing staff not to come to work if they are ill or have had contact with ill people.
  • All shared work stations and equipment cleaned between shifts.
  • Shared facilities, such as staff rooms, toilets, showers and vehicles cleaned more frequently.  Handrails and staff rooms are being cleaned every day (in addition to the normal cleaning regime for all our facilities).
  • Separation between shifts, teams and other work groups as much as practicable to minimise unnecessary contact.
  • All service providers required to enact own internal pandemic policies.

Shipping / Vessels

  • All international vessels have had crew shore leave cancelled.  Shore leave is only available for New Zealand based vessels.
  • Vessels are pre-screened to determine if they require self-isolation. If so, Pilots will utilise PPE consisting of disposable gloves and P2 face masks.  Any crew that might come within two metres of our Pilots are also required to wear the same PPE.

The services below are critical to our operation.  We are reducing the risk by isolating teams from one another and have implemented the following extra measures within our work groups:

Pilots, Launches and Tugs

  • Staff instructed to stay to assigned tug or launch and avoid the opposite (day / night) crew.
  • Clean tugs and marine plant / equipment before each shift.
  • Visits to the administration building and interaction with administration staff to be kept to a minimum.


  • No direct contact with ship’s crew.


  • Shuttle drivers only transporting coastal vessel crew and escorting ship’s crew signing on or off.
  • Avoiding shared vehicles where possible.
  • Paper docket processes for containers leaving TCT moving online to minimise non-essential contact.
  • Access card process moving to email only, no walk-ins.


  • No direct contact with ship’s crew (garbage collection is currently under review).

Customer Service Centre

  • Eliminate contact with all other work groups.

TCT Operations

  • Wherever possible, divide staff capable from working at home into two teams to alternate in the office.


  • Perspex barrier installed at R&D counter.
  • Strongly recommend the use of e-gate transactions.
  • Restricting the number of drivers allowed in the R&D reception area at any one time.
  • Drivers outside the booked VBS window required to wait off site.

Crane / Straddle Drivers

  • Increase regularity of crew van cleaning (between shifts) and additional transport if required.
  • Cleaning products located in machinery cabs and cleaned between each driver change.
  • Controlled shift change to reduce driver to driver contact.


  • Shared facilities already exist at the north and south end of berth. These will now be dedicated to individual teams.
  • Increased regularity of crew van cleaning.
  • Controlled shift change to reduce contact.

Rail Marshalling and Reefer Operations

  • Manage shift changeovers and access to equipment to separate teams.
  • Cleaning equipment available in all hoists and hoists cleaned at each operator change.


  • Promote the wider use of e-gate to avoid non-essential contact between staff and drivers.

Administration / Staff

  • The majority of our office-based staff have the ability to work remotely however this will be increased over the coming weeks.
  • To reduce non-essential contact, as of Wednesday 18 March at 5.00pm, our administration buildings (Mount Maunganui and TCT) were locked to all visitors except through Reception. Buildings are accessible by swipe card only, in order to prevent unannounced / uncontrolled access to our buildings and people.
  • Large group meetings postponed or held via video conferencing.
  • Domestic travel restricted to critical only.
  • All international business travel has been cancelled.
  • Personal overseas travel for all staff to be avoided.  If travel is unavoidable, we are instructing staff to comply with the government regulations and self-isolate for 14 days.

Any person who has travelled overseas or re-entered NZ within the last two weeks is not permitted at any of our sites. Anyone exhibiting sign of illness will be told to leave immediately.

We will continue to communicate our response as this situation evolves.