Mount Wharves


On the Mount Maunganui side of the harbour, the Port of Tauranga has 2,055m of linear (continous) berth face.
Immediately adjacent to the wharf are cargo sheds and a 20,000 tonne capacity coldstore. Spread along the wharf are bunker points to allow ships to refuel while loading or unloading. Bunkering is currently by arrangement as work is being carried out on these. More than 90 hectares of back-up land is available for cargo handling and storage. 

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To the south of the Mount Maunganui Wharf is the Tanker Berth
The Tanker Berth was completed in 1980 and is dedicated to the transfer of dangerous goods in bulk. Activities include the discharging and/or loading of tankers carrying bulk fluids such as hydrocarbon oil products, chemicals and edible oils. A conveyor system is also used for loading wood-chips. The facility consists of a free standing wharf of 80 metres in length with dolphins at each end allowing for ships of up to 250 metres LOA to berth and pump ashore.

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On the western side of the Port is Sulphur Point
Opened in 1992, this facility features 770m of heavy-duty wharf, seven container cranes and 27 hectares of paved container yard.

More than 25,000 m2 of covered storage is available for cargo handling, and a further 9,000 tonne coldstore caters for temperature controlled cargo. Almost 1,600 power points are available for refrigerated containers.

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Maximum draught in channels is 13m HW and 11.7 LW. Depths alongside berths vary, please refer to "View Berth Information" below when planning specific deep draught
vessels visiting the Port.

Dedicated road and rail access streamlines cargo movement to and from the terminal. Total land area in and around the terminal is 78 hectares providing for significant future growth.

Wharf Length
Mount Maunganui 2,055m
Sulphur Point 770m
Berth Occupancy Statistics
Maximum Vessel Length 290m
Berth Occupancy - Mount Maunganui 38.8%
Berth Occupancy - Sulphur Point 43.3%
Cranes - Maximum Lift 
1 Liebherr Model Super Tango Multi-purpose Crane
Maximum Lift (tonnes)
1 Liebherr Post Panamax Cranes Model P141L/Super
Maximum Lift (tonnes)


2 Liebherr Post Panamax Cranes Model P141L/Super
Maximum Lift (tonnes)
3 Liebherr Twin Lift Crane Model P157L/Super
Maximum Lift (tonnes)


36 Straddle Carriers
Maximum Lift (tonnes)
12 Hoppers (capacity in tonnes) 50-300
Belt Conveyer Loader and Slinger
Woodchips (max tonnes/hour) 750
Cargo Storage Area Available  sqm
Mount Maunganui
Dry Storage
Cold Storage
General Cargo/Cool Storage

Sulphur Point
Dry Storage
Cold Storage

Off Wharf Storage (tonnes)
Petroleum Products
Weighbridge (capacity in tonnes) 100
Available 24 hours a day on card system or operator by request.
Reefer Points
240 points are available at Mount Maunganui and 1,600 at Sulphur Point.