Careers and Vacancies

The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand's largest port by volume and its most efficient. Highly skilled and motivated staff help the Port to achieve world class productivity rates.

The Port of Tauranga currently employs 177 permanent staff, 14 permanent part-time staff and approximately 25 casual staff, working in a variety of roles. Many of our staff have worked for the Port for more than 20 years.
A large number of people employed on the wharf are working for independent companies. To help you with your search for employment we have listed Port of Tauranga vacancies below and direct links to the vacancies pages on some of our key service providers' websites.

current vacancies

There are no vacancies currently.

key service providers

Independent Stevedoring Limited 
C3 Limited 
ISO Limited
Quality Marshalling Limited, Mount Maunganui Manager

Find out more about these Port related careers                       

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Tug Masters

Tug Masters are employed as captains on three harbour tugs owned by Port of Tauranga.
They are trained internally but have had careers at sea, ranging from officers on ocean-going ships to captains of fishing boats or coastal tow boats. They hold maritime certificates ranging from Foreign Going Master to Launch Master.
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Launch Masters

Our pilot launches have Launch Masters who hold the Maritime Certificate of Inshore Launch Master.
They control the pilot launches for the boarding and disembarkation of pilots to and from ships visiting the port. Training is undertaken internally.
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Customer Services 

The Port has a 24 hour a day / 7 day a week Customer Service Centre which has two people working in it at all times.
These Coordinators plan all shipping movements into and out of the Port, allocate berths, liaise with shipping agents, stevedores and cargo marshallers and operate the marine radio station. People employed in this area come from all walks of life and are trained internally.
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Straddle Drivers 

Straddle drivers are responsible for the safe, efficient and accurate movement of containers within the operational area of the Sulphur Point Container Terminal.
This includes the rail exchange, the receival and delivery of containers by truck as well as vessel exchanges. Straddle drivers are employed by our service providers. Straddle drivers generally progress through to driving after gaining experience in the stevedoring operations.
This gives people exposure to the various conditions and requirements that are needed to drive straddle carriers. Once this has been done and the Class 2 licences that are required have been obtained, the driver begins his/her training. Straddle driving is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation, 364 days of the year.
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Crane Drivers

Crane drivers are responsible for the fast, safe and accurate placement of containers on and off vessels.
The Port of Tauranga conducts all of its crane training "in house" to ensure a strong consistent standard. To complete training it generally takes 3-6 months, however the individual will take around two years to become a fully proficient operator. Currently, all trainees are supplied via our service provider C3 and most commonly are experienced straddle drivers. This ensures that all crane trainees have a very strong knowledge base of operations prior to training. Crane drivers provide a 24 hour, 364 days a year service.
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Pilots are employed by the Port to safely navigate ships into and out of the harbour.
They must hold a Foreign Going Masters Certificate Marine qualification and are trained internally. Pilots use the pilot launch to board ships as they arrive off the Port. They then safely navigate the ship to its berth and back out to sea again when it's time for the ship to depart.
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